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Are You Using One-Click Checkout Upsell, Social Proof, Gamification, Email Automation, SMS Marketing & A/B Testing to Maximize Sales?
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Our app is beloved for its ease-of-use and best-in-class customer support you can count on.
I'm so pleased to have found this app! This app has countless marketing tools and actually consider customer needs. They're always willing to help and might I add that this they're response is close to immediate. I would recommend this app to any business, big/small, for all marketing tools such as newsletters, email automation, popups and so many others...
They are amazing here. The customer service is always top notch here besides a great product. I always tell anybody to use this app for their store. The people here go over and beyond to assist you and product does more for you than you would expect. Again, thank you for everything you all are doing at One. I can't express how much you would really like their service. This is a must have for any business.
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Over $50,000+ of additional sales within 30 days of installing ONE
This is one of the best apps on Shopify. I am just sorry I did not find it sooner. Honestly, I find it easier to use than Klaviyo and even though I just installed it, I am in love with it and what it can do. Everyone should check it out. The email templates and the spinning wheels have incredible designs. I can't wait to move on to implement more of its functions in my store. Oh, and the customer service is the best...
I've just started to use this app after searching high and low for an easy to use, shopify integrated newsletter, subscriber pop up and landing page app. The UI seems intuitive, which is a relief as I'm not very techie. I have a great feeling about using ONE for all my ecommerce marketing needs. Thanks for being there for small businesses - we really need this kind of support to get our businesses off the ground...
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Collected 120,000 contacts and made $13,000 of additional upsold GMV

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Use Social Proof Like Orbitz, and AirBnB

Social Proof Notifications are a simple and genuine way to capture the attention of your site visitors while building urgency to purchase your products.
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Build confidence with customers by showing real orders.
Michelle from Lincoln, NE
Recently Bought a Cuffed Natural Beanie
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Take Your Popups to the Next Level

Gamified Popups are the key to building a genuine and positive relationship with your site visitors while enticing them to signup or purchase your products.

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Presents every visitor with an engaging popup milliseconds before leaving your site.

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Fortune Wheel dramatically grows your emails and sales by offering discount coupons.

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"I installed OneStore last week and wow! It looks great and the team is super responsive and helpful. It's an awesome plug-in for my WooCommerce store."
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"OneStore makes sure that I get the highest ROI on my marketing campaigns by encouraging as many customers to purchase. I wouldn’t market without it."
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"I was surprised that something so easy to install had such a positive impact. OneStore has increased my sales, automatically!"